Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 145 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 145 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 145 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing Still, I ’ll call him to regard on the otherside!Come on! Fight bravelyFor my family,Goktug!Allah is Veracious, If anyone falls without killing fiveoppressors.Allah isEverlasting!Allah!You exfoliate the blood of my family on thissoil!From now on, this soil is haram foryou!Soldier!Move that auto beforeme! Turgut!Kosses!TraitorKosses!We ca n’t hold on then for a long time, TurgotBey.What are we doingnow?We ’ll figure outsomething.Kutan!Serhan!Shields to the auto! Comeon!Comeon!Shoot!Faster!Faster!You surprised me, TurgutBey.Frankly, I’ve noway allowed that you could saveme.We have n’t been saved yet, Kosses.

Let’s get out of this first. Also, we can talklater.

Kosses!Shield!Here itcomes!The snake and the cowgirl are runningaway!Catch themquickly!Quickly!Quickly!I want both that impertinent cowgirl and snakeKosses!I want them now! Go afterthem!Qok inatisin Osman … You’re so stubborn,Osman.Ama sonundadleceksin.But you’ll die in theend.Alps,stop.We break upnow.We should take different road so that it confuses them …. and we can gaintime.Then, we meet up in Baspinar safe and sound,InshAIlah.InshAllah, myBey.Kosses, you also go withthem.I ’ll come after youlater.No, Turgut Bey. I wo n’t leaveyou.However, they break up and dwindle in number, If we take differentpaths.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 145 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing Our chance of surviva willincrease.The time is short, Kosses. Come on, gonow.Okay.- Comeon.- Come on,Alps!Shine in these border lands, like a wildstallion!I bear substantiation that there’s no god except Allah … And I also bear substantiation that Mohammed is His menial andprophet.TurgutBey!Are you late for nearly?

We’ve untreatedbusiness.You’re acoward.

You’re so spooked of me that you ca n’t face me alone … … you come at me with yourdogs.Turgut, you suppose you’re soimportant.You’re just a bug that I’llcrush.You crossed the line, and I got frenetic. That’sall.Come atme!Yes, TurgutBey!As you see, I’m standing and you’re on yourknees.I’m on top, but you’re at thebottom.You’re no different than a snake Nikola. Indeed if you climb on top, you do it bycrawling!But I’m aneagle!Even if I fall, I fall while I’mflying.For a cowgirl, these are fancy words Turgut Bey.Bravo.Bravo.However, Turgut Bey Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 145 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing also you’ll be food for those snakes, If you’re an eagle and your bodies are broken … … and also if you’realone.Your end hascome.Time for your death has come TurgutBey.However, we come killers Nikola, If wedie.We don’t feel sorry, we don’t sweat for ourlives.OnlyMari.My honey, my hatun … Leaving her behind …. there is nothing differently. Do what you want! „ 9 … thereis’ nothing additional?

Episode 145

’Do what youwant!You ignoble bastardNikola!

Damn bastard who betrayed me! Did you suppose you could get down!?Kosses!TraitorKosses!If I killed Turgut and left you alive, I would be sad. I’m glad you camehere!I know about your devilish plans you bastard!, Harmankaya Castle is too big for you, did you hear me!? I told you not to follow me, but I’m glad you did but if I went to Mari without you, how could I explainthat?Come on, dogfaces!-Argus!Go after themArgus.I ca n’t leave you then likethis.Argus! Follow the-Sir, forgive me, but I ca n’t leave you andgo.Osman, biiyuk bir bey … Osman is a great Bey … Osman is a great Bey … Boyle olmemeli amin yiirumeyecek.

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