Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 147 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 147 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 147 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing You betrayed in whichever waypossible.You indeed made my people and family … … turn their reverse onme.You’re smelling further than you can bite,Osman.You’ll pay for your insolence with your lineage andpeople.But first with yourAlps.What are you talkingabout?You dare to draw your brand … … and set a trap on the Vizier of Seljuk,huh?You’re walking to your death,Osman.Stop there,Konur!Backoff.V’Je have yourAlps.Don’t make a mistake, Osman. Or, they willdie.My Alps … YaHaqq!Are my Alpsalive?It depends on you, OsmanBey.Tellme!Leave VizierAlemsah.However, I ’ll kill youhere!Cut it short, Osman, If you indeed lay a cutlet on them … … first I ’ll kill the Vizier … … and also. Lower yoursword.So that I’ll only take your head.

Leave me!.So that I’ll only take your head.

My Bey! My Bey, we ’ve arrived, myBey!MyBey!My Bey, we’re then- My Bey!- Mounts!-My Bey, we’re hereBackoff.Backoff!Movenow.Backoff!My Bey! MyBey!Brothers.Are you okay?-We’re fine, my Bey!-Weare forfeiture, my Bey, we’refine!Your Mounts are alive. Leave VizierAlemsah.Or, all of them will bebeheaded.My Bey! Kill himMy Bey, do n’t worry about us! Take that bastard’s head! • ueiusoBrother, what are youdoing?I’m holding the head of the one, whom you cooperate with, Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 147 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing GunduzBey.Don’t do it,Osman!If you kill the Vizier, there will be no turning back from this,Osman!Think about yourAlps.Think about your lineage! Suppose about yourfamily!So, for my lineage and my family … I should stand up with a snake like you, Gunduz Bey? You’re breaking the order of theSultan!Don’t doit.Look Osman, justsurrender.

Episode 147

Sultan likesyou.Go to his presence and explainyourself!

My cause is the cause of theTurks.And this cause is so blessed that … … there is no reason to explain it toanyone.However … … indeed you do n’t understandit.Brother.Don’t take another step ‘ll noway ever miss the occasion … … of killing you, GunduzBey. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 147 In Urdu Hindi Dubbing Or, gothen.Brother. • ueiLJsoYou’ll pay dearly for the effects youdid.But you’ll noway be suitable to troll mylite.Because you’re merciful,Osman.You can noway give up neither on your Alps nor on yourbrother.My Bey! Do n’t suppose about us! Kill him!

Do n’t make that bastard talk myBey!

Your mounts formerly gave up on theirlives.Gunduz Bey is stalwarttoo.What about your lineage In case he kills me … … Konur, it’s myfirman!Turn Kayi lineage intohell!Don’t leave any roof not burned … … and do n’t leave any head onshoulders!Orhan!Youlittle.Well if Osman Bey stops doing thismistake.Not because what you have done … … but just for what you have just said, I’m going to rip you topieces.But.But.Notnow!Wait!Wait VizierAlemsah!My Bey do n’t let him go Not in the unborn eitherOsman.This is the end foryou.Let me suppose about thefuture.Finally.Finally, the wolf is in thecage.And the snake captain is at the end of mysword.I’ll take Nikola for what he has done toMari.I want you to let Osman in when he comes toBilecik.If we do n’t act together with Osman … … they will unite and destroyus.Let’s stopgapso.Traitors!

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