Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 148 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 148 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 148 Urdu Hindi Dubbing You betrayed in whichever waypossible.You indeed made my people and family … … turn their reverse onme.You’re smelling further than you can bite,Osman.You’ll pay for your insolence with your lineage andpeople.But first with yourAlps.What are you talkingabout?You dare to draw your brand … … and set a trap on the Vizier of Seljuk,huh?You’re walking to your death,Osman.Stop there,Konur!Backoff.V’Je have yourAlps.Don’t make a mistake, Osman. Or, they willdie.My Alps … YaHaqq!Are my Alpsalive?It depends on you, OsmanBey.Tellme!Leave VizierAlemsah.However, I ’ll kill youhere!Cut it short, Osman, If you indeed lay a cutlet on them … … first I ’ll kill the Vizier … … and also. Lower yoursword.So that I’ll only take your head.

My Bey, we ’ve arrived, myBey!

we’re then- Leave me now!-My Bey!- Mounts!-My Bey, we’re here Backoff!My Bey! MyBey!Brothers.Are you okay?-We’re fine, my Bey!-Weare forfeiture, my Bey, we’refine!Your Mounts are alive. Leave VizierAlemsah.Or, all of them will bebeheaded.My Bey! Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 148 Urdu Hindi Dubbing Kill himMy Bey, do n’t worry about us! Take that bastard’s head! • ueiusoBrother, what are youdoing?I’m holding the head of the one, whom you cooperate with, GunduzBey.Don’t do it,Osman!If you kill the Vizier, there will be no turning back from this,Osman!Think about yourAlps.Think about your lineage! Suppose about yourfamily!So, for my lineage and my family … … I should stand up with a snake like you, Gunduz Bey?

If my Osman didn’t have a plan would he go with that evil vizier’smen?

He must have aplan.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 148 Urdu Hindi Dubbing First effects first, I’ll go to Konya to speak with SultanMesut.We need to talk what really is goingon.Until we learn what’s really going on, the adversary will attack us allowing that Kayi isleaderless.But Osman Bey will find a result for thistoo.Kayi ca n’t stay without a leaderless. Tolerance, ohAllah.Vizier Alemsah iscoming.Mari! My dearwife.You look more this wa The clothes Turks made you wereterrible.You looked like ashepherd.But now, look atyou.You’re like a realprincess.What makes people strong and honorable isn’t what they wearNikola.Osman and Turgut, whom you could n’t master take their strength fromhere.But you do n’t havethat.

Episode 148

You wo n’t be that man you always wanted tobe.

Where are you right nowMari?In mycastle.You’re withme.Those men whom you call strong … … I took you from there without themnoticing.This is power, do youunderstand?This is purepower?Is thisenough?No.More power. Further!More!Where isCornelia?No one sawher.She wanted torest.My dear womanMari.This is our first regaletogether.I assure you that I prepared a veritably special regale foryou.For it to be the most special regale of my life … … it needs to be the last regale I’ve with youNikola.What was your friend’sname?Cornia? No,Cornelia.A well done Cornelia.The barrels are onfire!Run!FireRun! Bring

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