Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 150 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 150 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 150 Urdu Hindi Dubbing The emporium, which will be set up in Inegol is bad for both you and me,Kosses.We’ll destroy thatbazaar.And what do you want fromme?Your goods are also goingthere.Your goods are also goingthere.The auto carrying those goods will take Mounts and the canvases, which will be used to burn thestalls.We’ll burn all of thosestalls.A tekfur, who’s helpless to defend his own people and lands … … ca n’t host such abazaar.Andthen?When Vizier has no choice, he’ll set up the emporium in Harmankaya.

You made a good plan.

But neither Vizier nor Nikola will noway want that the emporium is set up inHarmankaya.The emporium won’t be set up in Harmankaya but in a much better place, inBilecik.Of course, I’ll also explain them the reasonable points about setting up the emporium inBilecik.And what aboutRogatus?Can you movehim?In order to take my vengeance from Nikola, I can indeed move

Sheytaan himself. EyvAllah.

The emporium will be set up inBilecik.You’ll face withVizier.And I’ll end that bastard Nikola … … who tried to kill myMari.It means we will both get what wewant.Mari is withus.It looks like you realized your mistake andstopped.Mari … … we need to get the authorization of yourbrother.With the order of Allah …. and with the words of our great prophet Mohammad PBUH … …Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 150 Urdu Hindi Dubbing  I ask your family Mari’s hand … … in marriage for my familyTurgut.With onecondition.The marriage will be held inHarmankaya.Eyvallah.It’ll be inHarmankaya.Then I allow my family Mari to get married with


Mydear.I always wanted the stylish for you, you know thatright?After they’re burned … … you ca n’t stay then, all gapes will be fixed uponyou.That’s why, I’ll host you inHarmankaya.When we take care of Inegol … She’s my companion Zehra, mySheykh.One of the hatuns of thetribe.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 150 Urdu Hindi Dubbing SheykhEdebali!When we were then, Osman slipped past my dogfaces … … and took his mounts andleft.Did you know aboutthat?My dogfaces say that they passed out … … after drinking the sherbet given to them by anahi.You actedunjustly.Without a reason … … you locked thealps.Osman Bey … … served justice, and I stood by his side.

Episode 150

And I’ll always stay by hisside.You’ll lament itEdebali.It’s price will begreat.If you mean … … losing my life by price … … also do n’t standback.What seems like a discipline for you, is a price forus.What seems like a price for you … … is a discipline forus!Arrest this rebelliousSheykh!Let go of mySheykh!Let go! MySheykh!Let go of me!- Let go!- Let go of mySheykh!BalaHatun!Bala!Why are you taking my fatheraway?What will you do tohim?Don’tworry.I’ll leave him to aprofessional.- Let go!-Mydear!My dear,stop.Whatever comes from our Allah, is a price forus.Wait.Be case !Spread

However, I’m sure there was a reason behind it, If my Bey allowed it was the right thing todo.And I’ve no dubitation that he’sinnocent.Both Osman Bey and I are used tonuisances.And we know relatively well how we can get relieve of them and speaking the language theyknow.Don’t you worry atall.These days will be surely questioned and judged by us in thefuture!VizierHadrath.As you command, the criers roar that Osman Bey is a revolutionary and his treason against the Seljukstate.Then, the time to pay a visit to Kayi lineage hascome.Then, the time to pay a visit to Kayi lineage hascome.OhShafi.They could n’t take Osman Bey to Konya. He managed toescape.But who knows where he’s or what hedoes.Be at ease, my son, all ofyou.We’ll manage to get out of this hole too, with the help ofAllah.We will, with the help of Allah.

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