Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 154 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 154 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 154 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Don’t you trust Cerkutay who you used to trust in fight now? You will marry me, crazy girl… I will wait. Cerkutay doesn’t give up. Besides.. Besides… one can’t give up on love. e put flying flames at places where we planned. -Sogut will surrender to flames with our sign. -Wonderful. Sogut will burn when people are asleep, Samuel. Don’t doubt about that, Priest Gregor. Nothing, sir. There is nothing, sir. Sogut will smell like blood and ash

Enjoy now. Here, my valiant. Let’s eat. Let’s eat. How could you resist hunger… ..when you are so little? With the help of faith’s strength. Kumral Abdal told us about Hadhrat Ali(RA). We stood against infidels like him. If I had a Zulfiqar… …I’d do many things to them. We didn’t have swords but he stabbed Lord’s hand with a fork. MashaAllah to my valiants. Look at them. As long as we have these valiants.. …we will soon build our state. Eat now. May it be easy, Davut Agha. May your swords be sharp.

Episode 154

Who am I talking to? Aren’t you going to talk to me? I am making a cross for you, you will wear it on your neck. Why are you saying that, Demirci? Are you curious? Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 154 Urdu Hindi Dubbed  Be patient. And I ordered Priest clothes from the tailor. My Rab You see the things in my heart as prayers. I am taking shelter in You to avoid evil. Let me be patient. My Kumral. Protect your heart. Tell me… Didn’t they understand? How did you save our children? Sari Saltuk taught me how to hide footmarks.

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They didn’t understand. MashaAllah . So you tend to be a Priest. -What did you say? -Nothing I said you are so smart Saltuk taught you, you know. That’s what I said. My Kumral… May Allah bless you. Thanks to you, our children came together with their mothers. Shut up! There is no talent! Don’t say it again. Everything happens with the hikmah of Allah. We seek for smart ones, but the world seeks for crazy ones! Aygul Hatun Cerkutay

Why don’t you want me? Is it because I am ugly? No. Then… it’s because I eat a lot. No. It’s because I’m crazy. I’m crazier than you. Right. Then… …why don’t you want me, crazy girl? Cerkutay… You.. .are a good man. You are brave.. ..you are merciful.. …you are honest, but… …I am scared of being upset again. I’m scared, Cerkutay. Cerkutay never falls! I will stand tall! I will become a rock and stand behind you! Even storms and earthquakes can’t hurt you! Besides… fighting is harder than life.

The chaos that will rise when the explosions start, will open us the doors of Sogut. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 154 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Before the fire is put out, we will flare it up again with our swords. Osman took my village from me. I will take everything from him. The Christian community will welcome us with joy. When they see us they will say “Here is the real owners of Christians our saviors. It is about to get dark.

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