Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 93 With Urdu Subtitles

The best defense is Offense, Argus. – What is our target, sir?

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 93 With Urdu Subtitles Prepare the soldiers. We are on the offensive. – Yes, sir. Did you witnesses testify? We did. – We did. May Allah bless you. my god. We witnessed the agreement of these two of our children, so you too. God bless this marriage. Amine. – Amen. Amine. Grant perseverance in the livelihood and love marriages between this couple. Amine. – Amen. You, on the other hand, will be the ruler of two tribes through marriage, just like a westerner. Both the late Umur Bey and Ivaz Bey wanted a gentleman like me to lead their tribes. Is not it? Is there a Destur, Mr. Barkın? Come, Husamettin. Bad news, sir.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 93 With Urdu Subtitles

He also planted the banner of his own tribe in the castle. Turgut’s eyes darkened and he defies Osman. I won’t let Turgut spoil my game just because he’s angry because he’s blind. Even if he is Osman’s enemy, I will drown in my darkness anyone who messes with my game! How did Barkın and İbrahim Fakih meet so much? The two words had a conversation and had his marriage done by a faqih. While he was not in the house, he set up a toy and sat on the gentleman’s coat. Who benefits from the disease, Malhun? To Barkın, who wants to sit in the mail without anyone standing in front of him. Do you think he did, sir?

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 93 With Urdu Subtitles It’s okay as long as he’s standing and away from me. Let’s go to the table. Soldiers of Tekfur Kosses, you are late. We carried out the orders of Tekfur Kosses. Wait here. I think Nikola is about to come. Nikola was not normally late. Let’s wait a little longer. The aid we expect from the Emperor comes from this way, sir. Soldiers Argus. Did the soldiers go to meet them? Yes, sir, our soldiers are providing all security. Beautiful. Our beautiful Argus oils are coming. Our walls are getting stronger, but most importantly, we have enough supplies to last us for years. But! Is that enough, no.

Do you ever feel sorry for your husband?

Would you withhold a stone from me? I said to mother Selcan, a spoonful of honey is not enough, I said we need a hive. Now let Cerkutay take care of it. Oh crazy girl ah! I could not attend your festival in İnhisar, but Mr. Turgut, I want to make an agreement with you. Please sit down. Let me first say that if you have the slightest involvement in my Mari’s death , talk, Nikola, so that I can kill you. Oh, Mr. Turgut. Why would I want to kill him? No, why wait so long if I wanted to kill Mari? Turgut please! Please calm down. If there was even the slightest part in Mari’s death, would I keep her alive? Please. You will not mention his name again, for life. Okay, Mr. Turgut. At least listen to what the deal is.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 93 by MakkiTv

I did not build the toy. I attended the party organized by the gentlemen.

They deemed it worthy of the principality post, I did not say that I would not get up from it. He has tempted the gentlemen by distributing akça beforehand. Is this right Ibrahim Fakih? They were the gold of Umur brain. It is his will, so that you can distribute it to my people. Your right is also reserved. There is no account I cannot give. But if there is to be held accountable, it should be asked from Turgut, who took Inhisar without permission. You’re right, Barkin.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 93 With Urdu Subtitles

I assure you that neither your property nor your life will be attacked or harmed in the slightest while you are using the İnegöl market. I would like to make a written agreement so that you do not have the slightest doubt in your mind, here you go. Shared use of markets provides huge gains for both parties. Of course, when the safety of goods and life is ensured, all traders will flock to our markets. All of this will happen if you accept my terms, Kosses. If you obey my conditions… While the Turkmens are at Osman’s mercy, İnegöl!

Inegol market is a great opportunity for you,

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 93 With Urdu Subtitles Turgut Bey, and Turkmens will not be at the mercy of Osman, who only thinks about himself. Is not it? The gentleman will take care of every opportunity you say. Isn’t it Barkin? Oh, my lord, they found your absence and my illness after all this time. If you’re not there, why would I stay, sister? Should we get you out of the sick bed just because the toy was set up? Selvi Hatun is right, but if Barkın Bey only included the gentlemen who would vote for him, then things would change.

So it’s a game, huh. What about Selvi? Cypress too?

We will find out. We’ll learn all of them… Well done, my lady, it’s beautiful. It’s like I eat honey, not soup. Bon appetit, my Cerkutay… Bon appetit, sir… O mashallah my lady! How they listen to the words of their men. This is my finished Cerkutay. Do you want me to bring another pot? That soup I drank does not fill my tooth cavity, Aygül. Let’s make a meaty bulgur and eat it. Oh, did you do it before? The crazy girl knows her husband, of course. Bay. Bay. This is empty. – He is empty! We haven’t eaten in the tent since the evening, you didn’t leave any food, Cerkutay! If you can’t get enough, get up and prepare what you’re going to do! Lets! I have a job! Pack the table too! Ah!

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