Barbarosa Season 1

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 30 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Barbarossa Episode 30

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 30 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed  Edebali is the light of the son. You say you ’ve been enlightened all this time. Surely you’ll find a way out. They burn Söğüt on one side and Kayı on the other. They want to include my family in this business. While Willow was scuffling with death, my family ran down on top of it. It tightens the knot indeed more. It’ll be plant sooner or latterly, but what does the Almighty Allah say in the verse? O you who believe! Stand up for God’s sake. Be those who bear substantiation with justice. Do n’t let the abomination you feel towards any community push you to act unjustly. Be just, it’s further suitable for taqwa. fear Allah! Surely he’s apprehensive of what you do. As I heard, your family Gündüzbey has made similar miscalculations before.

You forgave him, Osman Bey. The substantiation is clear,
do n’t let the blood of an innocent stay on you. You’re a bey, it’s necessary to give your verdict from your thesis. The verdict is yours. Justice isn’t justice if it’s delayed. Justice will be served! Numerous angels were lost in Söğüt. What’s this, what happed to Osman’s brain? Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 30 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed You really say you have a family, he should kill the brain lady you put at the head of the army. Is it work? Gentlemen go backbiting that will be said from now on. Don’t eat Muslim meat. All five fritters aren’t likewise. It’s egregious that Gündüz’s nature isn’t equal to Osman Bey.

Barbarossa Episode 30 Part 1


He’ll take the lives of Gündüz and his woman. We knew that too, but we stood behind it. Surely he will. But let’s say we’re wrong, Osman Bey can not rule justly. That’s when we, as Kızılbeyoğlu beys, take a position consequently. Tekfur does business with the revolutionary, he can not cover anyone. I don’t believe that he’ll bringjustice.However, he’d have killed beforehand, If he was going to kill. One way or another, everything will turn out like day. Nothing will remain in the dark. Son. Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 30 With Urdu Hindi Dubbed We did our duty and buried our main killers. It’s not … They escaped from the camp with barrels with the help of Erdoğdu, Osman Bey. Luckily we caught it in the delve before it went far.

Part 2

Boran, bring Cerkutay. – Sir. Why did you do it bro? Why did you run down, family! For what? Take my family to the pen roof. – It’s your command, joe. May you have a cypress juvenile. You have saved the gentleman of the day from a big mistake. My God, cover my children, the concinnity of the lineage. Were you going to say commodity,Mr. Barkın? I do n’t have important time moreover. For Selcan. Do n’t worry, his time will come. But for this son’s light that noway goes out. Auburn Abdal adds mending to mending and revolutions Edebali. We must help this. Edebali shouldn’t wake up, Kornelya. I’ll put out that light with my own hands. Osman. Osman Bey, we didn’t do anything.

My family would n’t kill a pure baby! What did you run for?
I heard they attacked Söğüt, they know this from me too, Osman? What did you run for? Do n’t you trust my justice too? Repentance! They want to put the sin on me, Osman! Did I’ve any other choice but to justify myself? They want to put the sin on us, not you. They want to scatter us! Do n’t you know that in such a situation, you’ll run down and be shamefaced? What did n’t you suppose? I had no intention of dying before I plant the perpetrator of all this debauchery, my family! I’ll find whoever committed this snake to us. You believed in me, indeed if I die, I wo n’t be sad. You’ll die bro! I didn’t believe, I seek the verity. The verity will come out when you die.

whose roots reach the center of the earth. And time is a terrible storm. He bends the tree but can not pull it out. You did n’t forget. – I ’m alive because I do n’t forget. Master Arius, I ca n’t believe my eyes. No, the times have passed you by. Nikola, Nikola is my most mischievous pupil. Still apple? It symbolizes Adam’s sin. Reminds me of mine too. Master Arius, pardon my curiosity. Barbarossa Episode 30 With Urdu Mottoes I did n’t suppose you ’d have such a hard time destroying a bitsy Turkish brain, Nikola. You let me down. But do n’t worry, I ’m then now. In the heart of Osman. Now Gündüz Bey and Ayşe Hatun. They’re indicted of the death of Mari,

the family of Turgut’s woman, Michael Kosses, and our guest. I was forgiven when I erred from the righteous path. Now I’m fulfilled for a libel. I do n’t have a single word to say! Sir, we did n’t do anything. What do you make them talk about, Osman Bey? What differently would you let this pierce my heart?Mr. Turgut! Bring the substantiation. Just say, did this coliseum come out of your roof? It belongs to us, joe. What about this coliseum, can you swear that you bought this coliseum from Ayşe’s woman, Kornelya? I wish my hands were broken so I would n’t have taken them. Ayşe Hatun gave me this plate with her own hands. I took it.

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