Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 160 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 160 Urdu Hindi Dubbedit’s a shame, it’s gone ever The goatherds have just closed it, we will question everyone, they will call around at night How can you miss it? It’s a shame. I ’m after you. It’s a shame. Ask all of them from the nethermost right. to all of them as Ayhan. Did you find anything? This means we plant it on my roof. It means I plant it on my roof. We took it, Cihan carried the bane on his neck. Have you seen anything like them moment? It’s there, but he has to suspect you Canon thinks he did n’t hit his sons. What’s wrong with me? Do n’t underrate the canon,

his nose is doomed. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 160 Urdu Hindi Dubbed You ’re different,Mr. İbrahim, poor Osman Bey, call us,, what are we going to do if it happed, what are all the vestments of mistrustfulness? he has n’t driven his dagger yet Is n’t this the first time he treats you with a mortal monster? The business of the cornea is clear as day. Garçon first let yourself be done and also it wasn’t played. The narrative set up a new game, or if he saved me from the adversary, also he came a Idol, all that did n’t be on his own, also Marine failed, this is the explosion I ’m wondering if it’s all about it, it’s not there, it’s a tongs draft.

Episode 160

Riddle But this is Yes, musketeers, they took advantage of my lack of memory and brought the game to a fait accompli. man, you’ll talk about those sludge, let’s go and make them talk this is how important I allowed about itMr. Turgut and eventually you Are you a campo name? No, Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 160 Urdu Hindi Dubbed what are you going to do with the castle? The forecourt is like a pen for you, but is it my meat? 16 What time is it? I’ll give you duty, this is my castle. I would like to make a decision without consulting and hear what you would say to the names and gentlemen in this area. Actually, I would like to hear what the terrarium will say to me. I do n’t want the terrarium to join him. When you get the stylish unheroic, it’s equal time. Not one, but two. It’ll be loaded in the castle.

Episode 160

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