Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 167 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

 Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 167 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

 Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 167 Urdu Hindi Dubbed  it’s a shame, it’s gone forever the shepherds just shut it down, we will question everyone, they will call at night how can you miss it? This is a shame. I’m right behind you. This is a shame. Ask all of them bottom right. All of them as Ian  Did you get some ? This means we found it on our roof. This means I found it on my roof. We got her, Sehann picked up the venom on her neck. Have you seen anything like these today? It’s there, but he has to make you suspect Canon thinks he didn’t kill his sons.

You know it. There will be no such thing. If this happens,

I don’t think you’ll face the consequences of this. Yo, every soul is so good. Bone hunger, my pretty girl, healer,, what hit this brand, it will get wheel dead. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 167 Urdu Hindi Dubbed I’ll see square yes, it’s cream enemy, whoever I am, it’s a mole, but it’s different, it’s uncle, it’s just like you, the time you said that time, I hope That this is our. Reality will be ayan tomorrow, he will leave this defeat is not allowed Allah Almighty let me be your helper Usman B do you have Facebook? Let them think the bird is the best, you can understand everything here easily I’m here commander Nico command Anatoli

Episode 167

No, what you gonna do with the palace?

Square is like a cage for you, but is it my meat? 16 what time is it ? I’ll tax you, this is my castle. I would like to make a decision without any advice and hear what you have to say of the names and gentlemen of the area.. Actually, I want to hear what the aquarium has to say to me. I don’t want the aquarium to get involved. When you find the perfect yellow, it’s equal time. Not one, but two. It will be packed in the palace.

Sir it’s yours too commander

secret that I opened sir if you want to buy Usman and be in the other wolf neck we can open security [music] man this 20130 for lack of honor Nicole Inam exactly right in her death this happened lol I knew it from the start we knew we just bought it would be the uvi woo calculator engine right now first event of our series my only wish is not that the good good good gentlemen in alone Why be brave brave to fight Arrow hide his face he will be there first, thanks and he, our problem is near o I know those who left will not come back

But the ones who don’t won’t go or leave that foundation mr goodnight

Voice this issue give information that nights are closed sir it has become strong in dust. We made our steps for the entrances and exits,are you saying please yet she is my only wish,angel it’s square stone,I want to take it,it’s stone grave,you Ain’t no doubt about it the Master is ready, sir, it’s nineteen, now we sinking dry, he came that Turgit Kaley took it. You stood up and here I come. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 167 Urdu Hindi Dubbed. I wonder why you didn’t come when Nicola asked you to. Good luck and good health like a loyal dog then welcome to this edition Value

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