Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 97 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 97 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 97 With Urdu Subtitles Then……we are going to do much more than you said.I’ve known Osman for years.He never leaves anything to chance.For this reason, dig out Ahmet’s corpse right away.We are both going to save him from Osman……and take him to Nicaea to make a funeral for his services.Are you really sure that Osman is going to come?We are always on the safe side.The darkness is always with you.If he comes, finish him.

Let’s go.Come on, Alps.My Bey!Crouch!Attack!Come on!Baysungur!Since you became Atabey……we haven’t seen each other in the battle!-You missed me, didn’t you?Oh Allah!Soldiers, our duty is to take this corpse.Come on, take it.Come here!There must be a trace.Since these dogs are trying to hide it from us……there is certainly a trace.Now take this…..and bring it to the tribe.Come on.

We have spoken about everything.We made our plan.You took your gold.What else do you want from m ‘uewsoIt’s impossible to defeat him in his tribe.He will come to me.Osman is a smart man.\A/e can’t bring him here easily.Don’t forget that we are dealing with a demon.I am……the demon, Romanos.What’s on your mind?We will earn his trust first.It’s time now.AktemMy Bey.Sit down there.Sit down on your father Gunduz Bey’s place.Come on….you will carry your father’s legacy.His authority and duty are yours now.

He is not even aware of his mistakes due to his pride!Osman is not only dragging himself……but he is dragging us behind himself towards a cliff, too!Look, don’t make a mistake and turn your back on Osman Bey.Stay calm.Osman Bey must have a good reason.Don’t you trust your Bey as much as you trust Osman Bey?Are you aware of what you are saying?What are you saying, Barkin?I always trust you. Don’t you see? I am by your side.Then don’t question my words.

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Stand by your Bey’s side.I am by your side.But it’s my duty to tell what’s right and what’s wrong to my Bey, my lover.I didn’t do anything wrong.I am not doing anything for myself.I will do anything necessary to protect our tribe left to us from our father, and you!You should do what suits you……and stand by your Bey’s side!Now tell me…… Kizi I beyog I us Tribe……or Kayi tribe?Osman is not only throwing us into the flame……he is throwing all of the Turkmen tribes into the flames!Tell me Hatun!


My Bey……my goal is to be worthy of you and my martyred father.Our cause, and our heart are the same.EyvAllah.Oh MashAllah.You are carrying out your duty perfectly Aktemur.Since you have the duty and authority now……then from now on, we will call you Aktemur Bey.M ash Al I a h.Can I come in my bey?Come in.My Bey.The Beys of the tribes want to see you.So you are not the only ones that felt bothered.Let them in.Do you see what’s happening, Selvi?Do you see the trouble Osman is bringing upon us?

Cobanoglu Ali and Osman will fight.It’s inevitable.Osman’s blood is enough for all of us, Romanos.This revenge belongs to all of us.They will be split.We won’t stop even if the opposite happens.Until Osman is destroyed, our actions will continue.That’s why, keep your warriors strong.I will need them.I will come again.Cebe.What’s the reason of the disrespect of your warriors?If you try to leave before……Cebe has finished talking……you may……feel the cold Mongolian sword…..cutting your throat!

Kizilbeyoglu tribe……or Kayi tribe?If you care for your ancestor’s tribe like me…..you’ll stay in the Kayi tribe from now on……and give me information.Welcome.Sit down.Sit down.A Bey’s tent……is a place of-council.If you have something to say…..and opinions you want to express……you’ll do it here.It’s clear…..that something’s troubling you.Tell me now. I’m listening.Osman Bey.Our falling out with Cobanogl Ali Bey is not good news.You’re right.It’s not good at all.He came here to have our back……but he’s standing against us now.My Bey.Ali Bey is close with Sultan Alaeddin.


If Sultan Alaeddin hears about this..Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 97 With Urdu Subtitles….it’ll cause us trouble.Should we have……turned in Turgut Bey out of fear?No.The court will decide the judgment.Those against us……could be Bey or Sultan.But there’s a single truth.The right doesn’t change.I don’t even believe what I see.We can’t judge hearsay.You’re right Konur Bey.But the infidels are building an army.With Ali Bey on our side, we had power.But now we don’t.After the court’s settled……and when justice prevails…Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 97 With Urdu Subtitles..then Ali Bey will realize his mistake.Then he’ll have our back.Don’t worry Agas.What you said is true.


Let’s go.My Bey!-My Bey!-Yes, Baysungur.As you ordered, I was following them since they left the tribe. They buried Ahmet.My Bey. Excuse my question.We are riding after a dead man.What is the thing you expect?Where the living don’t speak……the dead speak.Let’s go, Alps.Come on! Be quick!•I had some doubts until now.But I am sure now.But I am sure now.They are taking him to even silence the dead.I am curious now, my Bey.Atabey died, Cobanoglu buried him and Byzantines dig him out, huh?When the matter is about the future of the Turks……all the demons come together.

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