Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 178 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 178 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 178 Urdu Hindi Dubbing In Solomon Reagan,the kingdom was at its peak and it was expanded to three continents after Solomon I,Salim II took the charge as Sultan who was the son of Hareem while the daughter of Sultan took the charge of an Ottoman famous by the name of Rostum. Married to the minister, the next Sultan was Murad III during his reign the Ottomans ruled many lands of Asia, Europe and Africa but along with that this was a major turning point for the Ottoman era.

The next important Sultan was Ahmad the first who Famous “Turkey’s Sultan Ahmed Mosque” also known as Blue Mosque viewers, at this point we can see that the transfer of power from father to son was very easy, this was the reason, after the death of the Sultan, all of his Sons would fight and there would be civil war,the most powerful son would kill all his brothers and blame as sultan that was the reason the ottoman family was never as great as Sultan Ahmad was young and any of his sons at that time Wasn’t so he ended that tradition.

In this era, for the first time the Ottoman woman Kosum Sultan became the most powerful women who made many important decisions for the Kingdom of Sultan Ahmed who died at a young age and was followed by Brother Mustafa I in this era It feels like the old tradition of killing your brothers why was this tradition so important to the kingdom because this principle was abandoned so Ahmad’s son Usman rebelled against Mustafa he separates it and Declare himself as Sultan but shortly after, Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 178 Urdu Hindi Dubbing Usman was killed by the genesis and Mustafa I was re-elected Sultan after Mustafa, Sultan Ahmed’s two more sons became the throne respectively, Murad IV took over the throne which he

 Episode 178

The time was at age of age so kosam sultan was talking about all decisions of kingdom and she was issuing order behind the curtain but when murad got young still kosam was taking all decisions and sitting on throne indirectly after murad, His brother Ibrahim then succeeded who was mentally unstable and therefore disqualified Ibrahim turned against Kosim and Kosim killed him Ibrahim his youngest son succeeded Mahmood IV But he also depended on Kosum for all the decisions Sultan’s mother didn’t tolerate it, so he killed Kosum at that time there were many reasons why the Ottoman Empire was falling apart. Ottoman army was losing so many wars and so after Ottoman land, many grandson of Ahmed came to rule most of them were incompetent and don’t know how to govern so let go at the time of Muhammad II

who brought much Changed all the rules & regulations of the kingdom even though he changed the clothes of the Sultan & Government officials at that time, the Ottomans were divided into two directions one direction was of Majeed 1st & the other was of Abdul Aziz Sultan in WWI Son, Mehmood was the fifth Sultan in this war the Ottomans fought as an ally of Germany and eventually they lost this war which resulted in the founding of Republic of Turkey by ‘Musafa Kamal’ but the Caliphate of Majeed II and this last.

The caliphate was expelled from the country in 1924, which was the end of the Ottoman Empire and the Islamic Caliphate, but at that time many members of the Ottoman family were still alive and if the kingdom had not collapsed, they would have been the next Sultan. Presently, this family is known as “Sky Oglu” and after leaving. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 178 Urdu Hindi Dubbing Tuki, they reside in different parts of the world. Initially they were banned from entering Turkey, which was later removed. The current head of the family is “Asman Ali Dinder” who was born in 1930 is the oldest person to be elected as the head of the family. Viewers, this was the story of the Ottomans and their family tree

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