Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed What did you do gari or Ha [ Laughter] ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, do not write my father-in-law, how long will you live, too, no unity, they do not know if unity arises from turmoil 13 questions I will burn such a fire 300 We are so helpless that we will leave our first state to these enemy wives. Long live Hodja, this is not here, our determination, brain, you can make it suitable What do you say, we’re going to air here, , finally, he ‘s the most helpless of your deaths for this city .

He will come, but his village and his betrayal during the daytime,

I will kill Ahmet Kaya, to the part where I will destroy everything, to the part Gündüzbey that poison box Don’t do your best Without us, Uncle Islam will certainly be your banner, but ah ah, you won’t die before you say those disgraceful games you set up. It will sit on my hands, cold and admiring in my fortune-telling, who can talk like that I’ll sit like this because you’ll be the era of the Islamic banner after you, I’ll stop the music before Osman, but like Bilal Habeshi, I only serve Allah, I will never stop us even if you have a difficult message Thank God for a month, thank you Hey,

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I’m going to sit down I’m sleepy Then stop ky1 stop fish kubilayhan GS my Yoghurt maker, this enemy is so stupid that you don’t get a single boxing, but have you come to the broadcast in this language? . You know my secrets. Am I Zeynep ? Yes, it’s too bad for me. This is my secret.

It’s too heavy for you to lift. If the mother knows, she will go to the grave with you a a herd alone You are the wolf who can dive into it, let’s see what my aim is boards To make an order brain there may think it’s Merve or something I told you this My secrets are heavy be this sure. He is next to him. Give me brothers tent woke up Ah ah open By the way, agai

 this These two rascals and

I have A Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed  a time Do you have What time will you get the new parts in the morning It won’t be easy, but there are things we need to learn . What if only time will come Akın Akın from those Turkmen tribes, then this state that we will establish for the order of the world will sprout without it [Applause] I swear by Orhan, my daughter, this is Selvi, a fresh mother for me, lonely coma Kazam Come on, to him

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his duty is a document. We are meat and protect his lands.

He is raiding on the enemy when he has the opportunity, it is not sweating on the back of his sultan, you have made such a light, Osman is dead, he is fresh, come to you separately in the Seljuk lands. You will be dragged, you jumped after him But you will not die Osman The sentence that rebelled. Oh, he won’t die without seeing you and taking a lesson. Let’s come to betray the emperor, let’s come to see Osman cecilia Selin’s account.

but the game Don’t cry my baby don’t cry candles in the water

Hı hı Pasha F age brother fits This will not be like this Ayşe Go fish water Longing Orhan Comment OK. My Orhan, my son, this one. See if you can get out of trouble. rahmat Are you afraid of me? I spared your life in return, you will ask for your account 26 I killed the disrespect so you can’t buy it, you can’t judge me, can you speak this is Nezir, convey my regards to the king and my brother as soon as possible . he is so heartless this thief can’t travel I’d better die And

the office soul will not come out of his weak body during the day Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed, you will look for the price of table betrayal right now. Thank God, thank God, we heard it from our father, But this will not happen to you again, , what will he do, take my battle, whatever happens, talk about what he will talk about. It’s not me, Nicola will do it He will tell each other about the dagger you made, that dishonorable

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