Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episoe 98 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 98 Urdu Hindi Dubbing

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 98 Urdu Hindi DubbingI thought you more than a brother And entrusted your son to you. But the treacherous trap Separated you from me. Ahmad. I swear.I will make sure that justice is served. I stopped because you told me that way. I will burn their tribes. I will destroy the forts they captured. My teacher. To me, he was no different from you. Dad, now there is revenge among us. Don’t worry son. First, we will weaken them from politics. If they don’t hand over to the trigat … So we will do more than you say. I have known Usman for years.


He will never leave anything on luck. That’s why, right away Ahmed’s body. Take it out. We will save him from Usman And take him to Nikia and perform his last rites in a worthy way. Are you sure Usman will come? We never give up caution. Darkness is always with you. If he comes, finish it. come on. My fly! – My fly – tell me, basingor. As you have commanded, I have been behind them since the tribe. They buried Ahmed. Okay fine. My fly, forgive me for asking You force us to follow the dead body. You hope what will happen? Where languages do not speak Will speak dead. Come on, Alps. come on! Let’s hurry. I had my doubts so far. But now I’m sure. They even take the dead so they can’t talk. Now my curiosity is clear. The teacher died Obanovils buried him And the Byzantines removed his body. When the subject of this issue is the future of the Turks

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So all the devils unite. come on. Come on, Alps. My fly! Knee! Attack! come on! Besangor! You became a teacher We couldn’t see each other in the war. You missed me, you didn’t? Or Allah! Military. It was our duty to take the body. Come on, take it. Then come on. Definitely a trace. Because these dogs tried to hide it from us … So there is definitely a trace. Now take him to the tribe. come on. Obanovils and Usman BK Ali B will come out together. Now it is inevitable. Romanos, Usman’s blood is enough for all of us. This reward belongs to all of us. They will be torn. If the opposite happens, we won’t stop. Until Usman dies … Our movements will continue. That is why, hold your troops. I will need them. I’ll fall again. Sebi . What is the reason for disrespecting your soldiers? Before the apple is released from speaking

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If you try to get out of here Before you know

The cold Mongol sword will cut into your throat. We did what we needed to talk about. We planned our game. You got your gold. What else do you want from me? Usman. I will not go to his tribe He will come to my feet. Usman is a smart man. We can’t bring it here so easily. Don’t forget that we are dealing with the devil. I  Devil, I’m Romanos. What is in your mind? First, we will gain his confidence. Now is the time. Akimor. My fly. Take a seat here. Sit in place of your father, Gondz B. come on. Son You will protect your father’s legacy. His rule and his duty are yours now. My fly

My goal is to be my martyred father and worthy of you.

Our purpose and our hearts are one. Eveala. Hey Masha Allah. Akimor, you will fulfill your goal correctly. Since you now have a rule and duty We’ll call you Akimor B ever since. Masha Allah – Masha Allah. – May I come in, my Bey? Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 98 With Urdu Hindi Dubbing Come in. My fly. The bees of the tribe will want to see you. So, you weren’t the only ones whose hearts were narrow. Let them in. Do you see events, Sylvie? Do you see the trouble that Usman has brought to us? He is not even aware of his mistakes with his pride. Usman not only drags himself but drags us all with him to the edge of the mountain. Look, don’t make any more mistakes and turn your back on Usman B. Wait calm. Usman B should know something. Don’t you trust your husband as much as you trust Usman? Do you hear what you are saying?

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What are you saying, Barkin? Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 98 Urdu Hindi Dubbing I always trust you. Don’t you see that I am with you? Then don’t question my words. Stand behind your husband. I am behind you. But I have a duty to tell my husband what is right and wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong. I do nothing for myself. I take whatever I take to protect you and do to your father’s stack tribe. Do what fits you … And stand behind your fly. Now tell me  Casalibio Olu tribe Or the tribe of K? Usman not only throws us into the fire but all the Turkmen tribes.

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