Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 190 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 190 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 190 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed. The first to enter falls, so you must meet the force that comes after you enter. Sir, if you allow me, I would like to enter with Konur. Of course, permission is yours. Thank you sir. We will be the first to erect the glorious banner of Kayı on the walls of İnegöl. İnegöl is in the clutches of the wolf. There is no turning back from this business! Either the state is over or the raven is dead! Let’s bring the fire to the heart of the unbeliever, brothers! Come on, burn my lions! Load. Nicholas! Allahu Akbar! Brave sons of Byzantium! Brave sons of Byzantium! Don’t fall to the ground before your sword gets bloody! Don’t fall to the ground

Defend instead of everyone! Don’t fall for your castle For Rome For Rome!

Lets! Osman! We do not blindly persist. Surely we will keep what you say. If the siege is prolonged, we will take our measures accordingly. What could those measures be, Osman Bey? We will make sure that no one comes to the rescue of İnegöl. Rahman, you and your alps will settle in Köprühisar location to block the aid from Iznik. He who runs to the aid of the oppressor rushes to death, so it is known. Thanks. Durmuş Bey, you will also settle in Akhisar with your valiants. Osman Bey, we will not allow anyone to come at the cost of our lives until Inegol becomes your Islam. Thank you, Mr. Barkın, you too , put one of the most warlike of your alps on your head and split into two.

alps should settle in Adranos and the others in Koyunhisar.

Thank you Osman Bey. Let’s set off before sunrise, may your path be clear, may our gaza be blessed. Thank you sir. Brave sons of Byzantium! Is there a destur, sir? Come, Husamettin, come. You will convey news to Nikola quickly. The castle is besieged, sir. Do you need to go to the castle to report, Hüsamettin? From the red tree you will walk twenty steps to the left. With the permission of Almighty Allah, the owner of the right, remove it! Throw it! Throw it! You say you are brother, what is it that makes your heart so narrow? There is nothing in my heart other than the rush of conquest, Osman Bey. My only prayer is for this breach to open. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 190 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Brother, don’t worry, today is the day of conquest.

Just as we entrust first to Allah and then to each other, so will Aktemur. Our ancestors sprinkled a seed on this land. We’ve grown too. I hope our children will make that plane tree dominate the world with the same courage and determination. Thank you Osman, thank you, we came for Gaza, we lived for Gaza. We drink the sherbet of martyrdom to blood. Let your rights be halal, brother, and you will be halal. Good job. My beautiful Holafiram You reminded us of Mari with your coming, and now your departure has weighed more heavily

My beautiful girl, this is your home. If you don’t like it,

if you feel unhappy, our door is always open to you. And we will tell you about Mari, she was our sister and you became our daughter again, come? I know you call my brother Orhan, but he can’t come to say goodbye. Go well, Holafira. Can you tell me that I am also grateful to my grateful Alaattin Orhan? I’ll tell you, Holafira, good luck. Holafira! Go and take care of yourself. Goodbye Orhan. Come on, sisters, we will accompany the cars . I used to take them with the sisters. Let’s take today’s supplies with Malhun, and Aygül, you will take care of the sisters in the drill room .

Let them work until the battle is ready.

Let them be ready when needed. You will not worry, you will not worry. It would be better if someone stays in the camp, we are in the war, keep your eyes open Aygül. Children are also your responsibility. Our children and our tribe are entrusted to us, don’t worry, may your path be clear. Let the women, Ayşe Hatun, rest a little and then continue. Oh Ayşe, I understand you best, I know, your mind is in Aktemur, it adds valor to the valor of the valiant.

Osman alone. Don’t worry brother, nothing will happen, brother,

don’t worry! Aktemur is now like a wolf in a dog’s den. Don’t worry, there is no better enemy to twist his wrist than his intelligence. If you say that he is an inflexible alp like his father, which infidel stole a pusat on his skin? He doesn’t stop by saying stop to the worry in me, Osman Bey, I understand your worry, brother, love for a child is the biggest weakness of an ancestor and the most beautiful one. Remember, my father, Ertuğrul Gazi, used to tremble on us. My children used to say, my children are my most precious treasure. Then he entrusted us to each other. Did you remember? Oh, do I forget, brother? He used to say to us that you are two branches of the great tree, and he entrusted us first to Allah and then to each other.

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