Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 193 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 193 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 193 Urdu Hindi Dubbed While Bala was accusing Cornelia, Ibrahim came and arranged a remedy for the Sheik. Osman conversed with Kosses about the assault in the woods and let him know his arrangement. While Selvi was lamenting the passing of her dad, Barkin persuaded her to wed. Osman discovered that somebody was sending gold to Barkin and turned out to be progressively dubious of him. Sheik recuperated thanks to the cure ready by Ibrahim and gave a discourse in the dervish stop that evening.

Kosses said he would safeguard Inhisar against the Turks and addressed Mateus. Arius told Cornelia his arrangement. Cornelia harmed herself that evening while at the same time eating with Selcan. While Bala and Selcan were attempting to save Cornelia, Ibrahim came. Ibrahim saved Cornelia’s life, however this made Selcan considerably more dubious. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 193 Urdu Hindi Dubbed Kosses and Turgut went to Inhisar. While Mateus was hanging tight for Nikola’s appearance, Osman went after the palace. Osman said that this palace currently has a place with the Turks.

Barkin gave gold to the Beys to turn into the head of the clans of Umur and Ivaz. While Malhun was sick, Barkin requested a political race and accordingly the new Bey was chosen. Arius discovered that Turgut had caught the palace and said that he wouldn’t allow what is going on to over-indulge his arrangement. While Osman was eating that evening, Ibrahim said that Turgut had become risky. Cornelia made a move to kill Selcan, yet a man went after before her. Selcan was harmed and went to Osman’s tent and requested help. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 193 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Selcan swiftly went to Osman’s tent and said that somebody had gone after. Osman quickly sent his officers. Selcan said that a man went after her while she was imploring in her tent, however Cornelia halted this assailant. Bala and Malhun went to ask Cornelia inquiries. Bala said that Cornelia harmed herself and that everything was a game.

Osman said he would uncover everything soon and went to research the crime location with Barkin. Nikola offered Turgut a great deal of gold to purchase Inhisar, however he was unable to convince him. Selcan made an arrangement and covertly harmed Cornelia. As Arius was going to go after Osman at the crime location, he understood that something was off-base and dropped the assault. Cornelia ended up being progressively debilitated and started to upchuck blood. Selcan requested that Cornelia admit everything.

Osman went after a parade headed for Inegol, however Nikola attempted to stop him. The covered man additionally took part in this assault and killed Saltuk. Osman followed the covered man and in the end killed him. Nikola thought his lord was dead and was exceptionally irate. Osman took the covered man’s body to the clan and requested that Cornelia admit everything.

Osman said the genuine enemy of Mari was Cornelia, and Gunduz is blameless. Gunduz and his significant other before long got back to the clan. While Osman was discussing the spots he planned to go after that evening, he got a message from the Sultan. The Sultan and the Emperor met in Sogut to reestablish harmony in the area. The Emperor requested that Nikola be quiet and started to pay attention to Osman’s circumstances.

The Emperor said that these circumstances were excessively unforgiving, yet he by and by acknowledged them. After Nikola left the motel, he said that he would purchase a ton of soldiers of fortune to kill Osman. Osman began to supplicate that evening and requested that Allah give him persistence.

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