Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 28 Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 28 Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 28 Urdu Subtitles. They secretly drove us to a church in Söüt in a covered . Bahadir, you performed a good job. Additionally, the men are still attending church. The person who has so greatly betrayed us will attack right now to capture the priest.

They’ll watch for when we’re most vulnerable. The automobile will be surrounded by some of the Alps. To deliver the true blow, the remainder will travel with me. We’ll ride on them while they believe you have the chaplain in custody. You have the order, sir. A raid has occurred! Turgut [ambient sound] Where’s your head at? burn! I want Turgut to survive.

I will give it to ten Maris, therefore it is my present.

Our brain, Mr. Turgut, where are you? The tribal ruler is nowhere to be found. Shield the Alps Chaplain from harm. Keep the priest safe! Avoid missing the priest a second time! Attack! Keep everyone away from the automobile! Send for the priest! Goktug! Don’t try to flee!

You know what to do. Be at ease! Ahh! Lets! Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 28 Urdu Subtitles. The dogs got away, sir, but I found one. Take this to the camp and have a discussion there so we can figure out who threw the bone in front of him. You have the order, sir. Alps! Ooo! I certainly hope so. Sir. Baysungur and Aygül will take a different path to deliver the priest. You will be in front of the car at Göktu, Saltuk.

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 28

Order accepted, sir. Order accepted, sir.

The priest will be visited by other bold guys. Let’s go, Alps. Leave now. Deh! But Rogatus, my brother, lost his uncertainty. The Priest was to be abducted by the Catalans. In Nicaea, he attacked Rogatus’ forces. Thanks. These dogs weren’t sent to us by Rogatus. Who then dispatched Osman Bey? Nicola? Koses? The Emperor, perhaps? All of it, my brother, is possible. Let’s untie one of his tongues first so we can determine who is harboring the resentment. Thanks. We head to camp in the Alps. Turgut Bey is missing. Where’s your head at? They have no idea, so you should be staring at me like this.

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Your Turgut Bey, where are you? huh? Your tardiness

Turkish Bey You’ve arrived too late. Is it not? Nicola is a horrible dog! Mr. Turgut, drop your swords to the ground if you don’t want to hurt your troops any more. Right now. Alps! For me to kill you, a sword is not necessary! I’ll use my hands to slowly kill you. Slowly. Alp Arslan Season 2 Episode 28 Urdu Subtitles. Turgut, you’re too late; it’s already too late. I arrived first, so the shackle is mine. [Ambient Sound] “Girl, where did you come from before?” I arrived first. Vineyard bird is in the vineyard, and a mountain servant is in the mountain, girl. You don’t need to feel bad about yourself because you both want the handcuffs I bought and me.

Just say what’s happening, ladies.

How about you guys? Why the fuss over a cuff, you ask? Gokçe Hatun, enough is enough; they’ve been staring at us with malice ever since we arrived. What were we unable to do that you brought this upon us, especially Gonca Hatun? Do you disregard Malhun Hatun’s instructions? Let the lady regain her composure; what on earth is she doing? Leave, Gonca, Gokçe! I told you to go! Your ears should be able to hear me. Do you like this? Would this work for your Kaya Hatun? Has our mother Hayime taught us that? Say that she is. There are no other differences between us. All of us are one. Our other relative is Kzlcabeyolu. You find out through this.

Prioritize your own needs before those of your offspring.

Let’s go right to work, please. Malhun Hatun clearly didn’t do nothing. Before Osman hears this, let’s swiftly resolve this. My daughter, bring the chickens to the gazebo. Obviously, mama. It denotes something worth more than your chin. Storm! You multiply every year as you come by. Osman Bey, you are aware that we are hired guns. Similar to everyone else who is fighting for Catalania, Andalusia. Do you know where we live? No. I am aware that it is on the other side of the Maghreb after the Euphrates Land. After France, yes.

Why did you leave your nation and come here?

The Muslims entered Andalusia without requesting our permission. Are you still at war in Andalusia with the Muslims? No, they are no longer a formidable opponent. We shall eventually make the Emirate of Granada history. They identify as Arabs, not Turks. Every believer is one. Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 28 Urdu Subtitles You and we each represent one side. Or have you ever engaged in combat with the Turks? I engaged in a lot of maritime battles with Turkish pirates.

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