Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Hindi Dubbed We have been trying to complete the goods ordered from Iznik for a long time. But I got the goods. Osman Bey, if we had not trusted you, we would not have spent all our savings to prepare the desired goods. We have a lot of damage, Osman Bey. What do we do now, Osman Bey? Some of you are older than me. However, since my father Ertuğrul Gazi, we have not put any of you in trouble. Don’t worry. Whatever your loss will be compensated. We do not harm anyone.

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

We knew that you would not put us in a difficult situation, Osman Bey. God bless you too. be present. What have they done to the tradesmen they have done? Now, won’t I ask those who did this to account? Aren’t you known as the voice of the oppressed, Osman Bey? You don’t put your people down, you will see the account of those who do. Surely a solution will be found. We will find it, my Sheikh. We will find it. My sheikh, is there a dastur? Here is Boran Ergin. Sir, news from Rogatus.

The environment invites you to a castle with single purs.

You see, here is my Sheikh. You see, brother, they want to reap what they sow. They want to intimidate us. Sir. Ahval is in the middle. When the people are in such a difficult situation , it is obvious what to do, Osman Bey? There is no peace in peace, Osman Bey. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Hindi Dubbed What to do is clear, brother. We will respond to Rogatus’ invitation. But, one can not go to the guesthouse empty-handed. We’re going to blow up the place they planted and go. We ‘re going to go see what you’ve done. We will go to make the voice of the oppressed ring in their ears. Storm.

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Sir. Let them know I’m coming. It’s your command,

sir. I’m Sheikh. Bilecik Castle. Really good move, Rogatus. Congratulations. I can’t wait to see Osman’s helpless face . Seeing that proud figure of Osman kneel before us, frankly, sounds more exciting than taking the priest. Soon, an Osman ready to surrender will enter through that door. We all can’t wait to see it. What are you doing bro? I’m looking at the buyer. I’m looking at what they’ll look like when they get their heads off their necks, bro. Kayı Bey Osman Bey came. Thank you for accepting my invitation , Osman Bey. You invited us, we came. It’s customary, we said let’s not come empty-handed. If Osman captures it as well, it will deal us a historical blow.

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

I personally undertake the protection of the caravan. As we speak, Osman will come around Kastelion, and I am the one who knows him best among us. If he had beaten me that hard, I’d probably know too. You sat and watched my defeats like a tragedy! It was not enough, you left me alone in front of Osman ! Now, when Osman grows up and gets stronger, will you know him from me? I am sure you will succeed. Nicholas. I’m Aya Nikola. Harmankaya Castle. Let Mari know. We brought the rugs he wanted. Keep your eyes peeled, Aygul. Here you go. Malhun Hatun. What surprise is this? Welcome. Welcome,

Mari. Is it too narrow for you? huh?

Have a little patience Alaca. When Bala Hatun takes her baby in her arms, I hope you will run from battle to battle. Hopefully. Malhun Hatun. I’m Orhan. I’m Orhan. my son. My lion is my son. You are cold. I’ll take it. I’ll warm it up in a jiffy. Don’t be left behind. My Orhan will be taken care of by the mother of Bala. I won’t stay behind. I know you will not separate from your child. Certainly. While you hold the sword against the infidel, we will pray to you here with my lion . May your path be clear and your pusat sharp, Malhun Hatun. Thank you Bala Hatun. Cerkutay Sir.

Just go. But keep your eyes open.

Let’s see what is the mood in the village?Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Hindi Dubbed  Let’s see what awaits us. It’s your command, sir. With your permission. Lets! Are we with you now or tomorrow, Malhun Hatun? What did I do that this happened to me? Calm down, Gokce girl. What are you talking about like a little owl to yourself? I have a job, Mr. Bahadır. Have fun with someone else. Gokce girl! You are from the Kızlbeyoğlu tribe. I know your childhood. Oh what a response you are. It’s impossible for you to drop your head like that.