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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 160 Hindi/Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 160 Hindi/Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 04 Episode 190 In Urdu – Har Pal Geo

‎Osman Ghazi‎‎ ‎‎(‎‎Turkish‎‎: Kurulus: Osman is a Turkish ‎‎historical drama‎‎ television series, created by ‎‎Muhammad Bozdag‎‎. It ‎‎focuses‎‎ on the life ‎‎of Osman I, the‎‎ founder of the ‎‎Ottoman Empire‎‎. This is ‎‎a continuation of ‎‎Ertugrul Ghazi‎‎ which was made about the life ‎‎of‎‎ ‎‎Ertugrul‎‎, ‎‎Osman’s‎‎ father. In this series, Usman is played by Turkish actor ‎‎Barak Özwit‎‎. ‎[2]Kurulus Osman Season 04 Episode 160

Kurulus Osman Season 04 Episode 160 – Urdu Dubbed

This program has gained a lot of popularity in Turkey. In December 2019, presented to viewers on Corollosh: Osman ATV, in the fourth weekend of the broadcast, the fourth episode of the series recorded a nationwide rating of 14.46. [3] Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 160| in Urdu Dubbed


‎This TV show shows the internal and external struggles of ‎‎Osman Ghazi‎‎ and how he establishes and strengthens the ‎‎Ottoman Empire‎‎. It depicts their struggle against ‎‎Byzantium‎‎ and ‎‎the Mongols‎‎, and how ‎‎Osman‎‎ succeeded in gaining independence from ‎‎the Roman Empire‎‎ and establishing an independent state that would counter ‎‎the Byzantine‎‎ and ‎‎Mongol‎‎ empires and guarantee the rise of the Muslims.‎ kurulus osman urdu season 4 episode 160

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 160 Urdu Dubbed Full HD

‎Usman’s character faces many enemies and traitors in his struggle and the show shows how he was able to overcome these obstacles and achieve his goal with the help of his loyal colleagues, family and friends.‎ Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 160 Urdu Dubbed


‎Season 1‎

‎Season 1 begins with the trusts that Sheikh Adibali, a ‎‎cleric‎‎, takes back from Princess Sofia of Qila Koloja Hissar. That’s why Yannis attacked the Ahians. Osman struggles to save these trusts, but, he loses his best soldier and has to take the displeasure of his close friends and family. kurulus osman season 4 episode 160 in urdu by har pal geo.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 160 in Urdu/Hindi Dubbed

While one of Uthman’s soldiers uncovers a family secret and tries to save a certain Mongol, Uthman ‎‎fights the Mongols‎‎, but ‎‎Osman’s‎‎ uncle ‎‎Dondar Bey‎‎ accepts obedience to ‎‎the Mongols‎‎ and sacrifices his tribe to ‎‎the interests of the Mongols‎‎ which enraged Osman’s supporters. When Uthman ‎‎defeats the Mongols‎‎ one by one, Sofia plans to kill them on the occasion of Uthman’s wedding, due to which she does not get a single moment of China. ‎‎Uthman‎‎ killed two ‎‎Mongol‎‎ commanders, Balgai and Sabutay, who had been a source of trouble for the Turks. Princess Sofia is believed to have died at the end of the season. Season 1 ends with ‎‎Usman’s‎‎ conquest of The Koloja Hissar Fort.‎ Kurulus Osman In Urdu/Hindi – Season 4 – Episode 160


‎At the end of ‎‎Ertugrul Ghazi‎‎, fans were eagerly waiting to see what lay ahead. ‎‎Muhammad Bozdag‎‎ announced that ‎‎ertugrul ghazi’s‎‎ continuation would be in the form of ‎‎Korolosh: Uthman‎‎. The first trailer of the series was released on October 14, 2019. Subsequently, the second trailer was launched on 24 October 2019 and fans were eagerly waiting for this new series to finally air the first episode of the series on 20 November 2019.‎ Kurulus Osman Season 04 Episode 160 – Har Pal Geo.

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