Theoplayer Download and Install Free 2024

We don’t compromise on video quality or latency, nor should you. We make it easy for developers to deliver cutting-edge video, efficiently and on any device.


One video theoplayer that works across all connected devices and platform. From Web, Mobile Web, Mobile, Tablet, Set-top Boxes, Casting Devices, all the way to Smart TVs.

Our in-house ABR algorithm and versatile API-based implementation allow you to easily deliver the best quality of experience no matter the device or bandwidth condition.

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THEO is there every step of the way from the development and integration of your project, all the way to its maintenance and evolution; through an array of support plans, tailored for you.

Both iGaming providers and sportsbooks benefit from ultra-low latency video streaming. For the iGaming sector, real-time streaming is pivotal in elevating player-dealer engagement, maximizing the number of hands that can be played.Sportsbooks leverage ultra-low latency video streaming to maximize the betting window for micro-betting experiences, ultimately boosting revenues.

Robust DRM is critical to enforce the streaming business model, and proves additionally valuable for legal and compliance teams in live dealer casinos, streamlining the onboarding process for new countries.In the case of sportsbooks, comprehensive DRM ensures adherence to contractual obligations with rights holders, particularly pertinent for large-screen streaming in venues like betting shops.

THEO’s real-time video API at scale, THEOlive, already delivers advanced security features such as geoblocking and token-based security. Now, with the seamless integration of the EZDRM multi-DRM solution into THEOlive, iGaming providers and sportsbooks can effortlessly initiate DRM-protected ultra-low latency streaming cross-platform.This integration ensures that they do not need to compromise on latency, video quality and scalability while ensuring top-notch security measures for their content.


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