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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 101 Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 101 Urdu Dubbed

Where you can use nanoe™ X technology

The nanoe™ X technology, integrated into Panasonic’s air conditioning solutions, actively acts on indoor air quality, contributing to the well-being and comfort of occupants. 

Thanks to its versatility, it can be used for residential contexts dedicated to families, couples or Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 101 Urdu Dubbed individuals, but also for commercial applications such as gyms, restaurants/bars, hotels, supermarkets and offices.

How does that work 

Hydroxyl radicals are unstable molecules that react with other elements such as hydrogen, capturing it. 

nanoe™ X technology distributes nano particles within the environment through the moisture already present in the air, bringing two important benefits: it prolongs their lifespan and distributes them evenly in the surrounding environment.



This technology works independently of the normal heating and cooling functions and does not require service and maintenance as the most stressed parts of the generator are coated in Titanium and there are no filters to maintain. 


nanoe™ X particles can inhibit the development of various pollutants such as certain viruses and bacteria, certain allergens and pollen, mold and odors, neutralizing their unpleasant effects.

Tightly woven fabrics can also be treated with nanoe™ X technology, as well as curtains, blinds, carpets and furniture, including the most difficult surfaces.


The efficacy of nanoe™ X technology has been tested by third-party laboratories in several countries, such as Germany, France, Denmark, Japan and China.

Product range

Panasonic’s goal is to improve the quality of indoor air breathed by every individual, regardless of the application. For this reason, it is incorporating nanoe™ X technology into a wide range of products in both residential and commercial environments, presenting a broad portfolio of solutions consisting of cassette units, ducted units, wall-mounted air conditioners and floor-standing consoles.

Find the perfect solution that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Compare Brokers Before Selling

Selling your home is a big deal. Then it is important to find the best real estate agent for your particular property.

Mä is a free quotation service with no strings attached. When you fill out the form, you will be contacted by a maximum of four agents in the local area who are interested in selling your home. The brokers know that they are competing with other brokers for the assignment and therefore you can feel confident that you are getting their best offer.

Increase the odds of a successful sale

Regardless of whether you are selling a villa or a studio apartment, you can make a lot of money by hiring the right real estate agent. Some have more experience with certain types of objects, others have in-depth knowledge of your particular neighborhood. There can also be a big difference between sales strategies and brokerage fees.

By having several agents come and value your home, you will be more sure of what price you can expect and what brokerage fee is reasonable.

When you fill out the form, you will be contacted by up to four agents who want to sell your home. Ask questions, think and choose the broker that you think is best suited.

NB! Security and serious brokers.

All agents who are connected to the service Mä are registered with the Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate and members of the Swedish Association of Real Estate Agents or the Swedish Association of Real Estate Agents. The service is free of charge, you do not commit to anything and your personal data is not used under any circumstances for anything other than to provide you with one offer per broker.


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