Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 138 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 05 Episode 138: The New Twist in People’s Resistance for the Power.

Kurulus Osman is an entertaining historical fiction television series that has got a big enthralled fan following around the globe. ‘The 5th season, Episode 135 of the show has just been released, and the fans are on the edge of their seats watching how the amazing plot unexpectedly unfolds.’ In this paper we will focus on the newly released episode and consider the most important ideas, events, and characters that have drawn our attention.


The Scene of the Baghdad Sultanate Season 5 Episode 138

The episode number 138is captivating because it involves the ongoing war between the Ottoman Empire and its enemies. The plot focuses on Osman Bey, the founder of the Ottomans, and his companions as they struggle against a coalition of Christian powers – led by the Byzantine Empire. The control over the Anatolia region is the central theme in the movie, and every episode has intense action, drama, and tension.

The Plot of the Kurulus Osman Series Episode 138

As in the previous episode, in Season 5 Episode 138 of Kurulus Osman, Osman Bey and his troops once again have to fight the Byzantine general, Kalanos. Kalanos that has been a thorn in Osman’s side for several episodes now and the latest episode is the one when the duo’s adversaries meet in a bloody battle. On the other hand, Osman’s brothers, Savci and Dundar, are perpetually quarreling and the tension threatens to undo the Ottoman campaign.

Another central event of the episode is Zohre Hatun’s entering the scene and she is somehow linked to Osman’s past that is unclear. Her entry begins a series of actions which may impact all of what is Ottoman Empire. The episode includes some emotional moments, most of all when the relationship between Osman Bey and his wife Bala Hatun is displayed, who is expecting their child.

The Characters of “Kurulus Osman” Season 05 Episode 138

Kurulus Osman features an extensive ensemble of characters, every one of them with their own complex past and viewpoints. The first episode of Season 05 introduces several new characters, amongst them being Zohre Hatun, whose story is shrouded in the veil of mystery and intrigue. Another significant character is Kalanos, the Byzantine general, who uses his ruthless approach and tactical skills to pose a serious threat to Osman Bey.


But it is Osman Bey who stands out as the core theme of the series. Because of his charisma, bravery, and strategic expertise, his allies and enemies alike showed him their feelings. His character development is perhaps the most compelling part of the series as from a young valorous man into a legendary and future founding father of the Ottoman Empire.

The Subjects of The rule of Osman: Season 05 episode 138

Through and through, Kurulus Osman is a series about how power, politics, and the race for dominance. Last week’s episode digs deeper into the intricate themes, such as the Ottoman Empire and its rival factions warring with each other for dominion over Anatolia. The show shall too incorporate the themes of family, loyalty, and honor as we measure the characters’ relationships and how they change/evolve over a given period.

The last major part of the show which is the clash between different cultures and groups is also important. The Ottomans, a Muslim state, were a neighbor of the Christian countries; the intra-conflict between them repeated is one of the major topics discussed in the series. In the newest episode of the show, there are scenes that show the strained relationship between the religions and how the people stuck in the midst become caught in the conflict.


Kurulus:Osman Season 5 Episode 138 has said it very clearly why this series has become the wonder of television around the world. The latest episode was full of action, drama, as well as emotional factor that left the fans hang on what is going to happen the next time. Writers on the show had done the best job in handling multiple complexities and at the same time turning the narrative into a fascinating one that keeps the viewer glued.

Among the things that makes Kurulus Osman stand out and fascinate from other historical dramas and movies is its truthfulness to history and attention to details. In this show’s representation of the Ottoman Empire, the creators have excelled, imitating everything from the costumes and sets, to the language, and customs of the time. Having aimed for such historical accuracy, the series has managed to do a very good job in transporting viewers back through time and in plunging them into the world created on the screen.

To sum it all up, Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 138 was just as great as the rest of the quality series. The show is now a cultural icon in several places in the world, and of course the reasons for this are diverse. The show Kurulus Osman provides everything for viewers – an exciting plot, complicated characters, and a careful providing of historical accuracy, and that makes it a program that is bound to continue captivating viewers for a long time.


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