Kurulus Osman Episode 161 Season 5 with Urdu Hindi Dubbed

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Kuruluş Osman Episode 161: A short version.

Kuruluş Osman Episode 161 (Urdu Dubbed) takes us to a fascinating trip where we witness the political conspiracy, strange alliances and the dim glimmer of hope in maintaining peace.


A Poet’s Concern to the War and its Danger to Mankind

The episode starts with Osaman suddenly stands in front of Yakup and İbrahim and asks them about the murder of Alaeddin that they are accused of. The air is like a sparkling wire in spotting a possibility of the war taking place tomorrow.

Yet, the appearance of the beloved of poetry by Yunus Emre brings along a surprise. His participation on the battlefield is like a gateway to the peace process. Will the presence of Yunus Emre, whose wisdom and influence are powerful enough, however, be able to help them make this big challenge with mutual respect?

An exploration and decision of Uklay is something that is given an attention in Bala Hatun’s looking into it.

While the war outbreak, Bala Hatun deals with it on her own. Fatih goes to Uç Pazar to inspect the case of Ahmet’s murder. The truth, not her own life security is what makes Ulcay of a vulnerable state. With the suspicion that he is to blame, what will Ulcay do to prove his innocence?

Elçim Hatun and Holofira: Facing a hurdle and then a turn around.

In the colorful Spring of 1453 , the soldiers of a newly forming nation were on their way to the mountains, but they were unaware of their upcoming trials and final outcome. This was the true beginning of the Wild East. A clash happens when Elçim raises doubts about Holofira’s willingness to stay with the Ottomans.


In the start of the story, when the alien invader forces arrive on earth, Holofira seems to be resisting her transformation but in the end, she starts to show a change of heart. What are Elçim’s emotions going to be? Is she going to accept it heartily or she is going to protest?

Osman Bey’s Secret Task in Bursa

The actions of Osman Bey are enshrouded in a mystery. He remains unseen and Bala Hatun and others puzzle out what happens to him. Finally, it is discovered that Osman is undertaking a secret business to Bursa. What is his intention, and will he be able to accomplish it in the midst of the ongoing feud with Yakup Bey and İbrahim Bey?

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A Look Ahead: The Unsolved Puzzles

  • Will Yunus Emre’s intervention be sufficient to avoid war?
  • Will Bala Hatun, the detective, discover the murder’s truth or not and at what the price?

For what reason does Osman Bey decide to take on the secret mission to Bursa, and what risks might he encounter?

How will the conflict between the three principalities transform in the face of these new developments?

Stay tuned for the next episode to discover the answers to these gripping questions and witness the continuation of this enthralling historical saga!


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