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CrowdStrike as an organization focuses on offering the next generation of endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and threat response solutions. Falcon platform is the central product at CrowdStrike that ends breaches through protection and threatened response to malware and the absence of malware attacks.

New CrowdStrike Capabilities Make Media Trusted Advisor of Hybrid Cloud Security

At Red Hat Summit, CrowdStrike has released certifications, integrations and platform enhancements for the Linux and Kubernetes administrators.

CrowdStrike is thrilled to introduce additional enhancements to platform teams that oversee hybrid cloud infrastructure across the on-premises and the cloud environment, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift.

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Organizations are increasingly implementing the hybrid cloud1 setup that connects private data centers and public clouds. However, in such environments, manageability and security may be compromised, particularly If the technology stack differs across the different service providers. It is true that appropriate tool usage can help speed up work among IT and DevOps teams, but such an approach is not sufficient for SOCs to gain the necessary visibility across the entire environment.

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CrowdStrike Falcon®

Cloud Security is a future-ready cloud security solution that protects new-age applications by leveraging both single-agent and agentless methodologies, regardless of the underlying hosting environment – public cloud, private data center, or edge architecture.

In view of the demand of the IT and security operations to safeguard hybrid infrastructures, CrowdStrike was privileged to be a sponsor at the Red Hat Summit 2021, an event that brought IT professional in one place to share knowledge, foster ideas and discuss and explore technologies spanning the data center, public cloud, edges, and beyond.

Saving the Linux core of the Hybrid Cloud

Although both conventional and cloud-sourced applications are run on a Linux-based OS, certain distributions, versions and configurations in Linux become difficult for operations and security personnel. When evaluating the types of Linux instances, there is a need to consolidate the visualization of all the Linux instances used in an organization’s hybrid cloud environment. However, for many, it is quite challenging to obtain this increased visibility to its maximum extent.

There must also be a close working relationship between security and operations teams in terms of what the configuration and risk of Linux instances is. To help, CrowdStrike Falcon® Exposure Management provides the vulnerabilities and the remediation actions for the Linux distributions for administrators to mitigate the risks. Exposure management has now decided to expand the application of CIS hardening checks to the Linux platform, specifically Red Hat Enterprise Linux. These cyber hygiene capabilities could then be enabled on the Falcon platform due to its single-agent architecture — no new agents to install, and little to no impact on the systems.

Of course, even when the foundational currencies are safe, it might be important to ask an occasional, ad-hoc question about the condition of the fleet. The CrowdStrike Falcon for IT provides IT operations teams with questions regarding the state of their devices and their settings. Based on the IT industry’s favorite tool for infrastructure querying and analysis, osquery, and delivered directly through the Falcon sensor, Falcon for IT gives both security and operations more of the tools they need on the Falcon platform and fewer discrete agents per endpoint.

Operationalizing Kubernetes security

While undoubtedly, Kubernetes is popular among DevOps, it can be challenging to secure for security professionals who do not have prior experience with it. To assist organisations that subscribe to Red Hat and AWS’s jointly managed Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA), Red Hat Enterprise Linux, System, and Cloud product offerings, CrowdStrike and AWS have co-created step-by-step guidance for the deployment of the Falcon sensor to ROSA clusters. The guide will specify settings for the Falcon operator on a ROSA cluster and scaling workloads to large scale environments. This guidance is now available in a limited manner. Please refer to the guidance and discuss the guidelines with your AWS or CrowdStrike account managers.

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