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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 108 Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 108 Urdu Dubbed

Heat pump – Efficient with renewable energy

“Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 108 Urdu Dubbed”. Your heat pump uses energy from air, water and soil. Choose the heat pump that suits your home. Whether new construction or modernization, installed inside or outside, there are models for every space situation.

Energy management – live more independently and cheaply

Although energy management is a big word, it also works within your own four walls. To this end, we equip you with well-thought-out solutions for different building services conditions and different needs.

Smart Home from STIEBEL ELTRON

Good reasons to like being at home

  • Enjoy more independence
  • Consume more self-produced electricity
  • Increase efficiency
  • Saving energy costs
  • Reduce environmental impact

Intelligent use of energy

You would certainly like to use the electricity of your photovoltaic system optimally. This starts with connecting your system to your heat pump, which extracts free thermal energy from the environment with the help of the electricity it generates.

We offer you two variants of sophisticated energy management, with which you can store excess energy or feed it into the grid for others.

With both systems, you increase your independence and save on electricity costs.


SG Ready

With this variant, your heat pump is controlled with a simple switching command from a compatible inverter or from a suitable battery system of the photovoltaic system. This means that you meet all the requirements for storing energy thermally in the building.



By EMI we mean intelligent energy management with the SMA Sunny Home Manager. With this system, you can integrate additional consumers and coordinate them with your heat pump. With EMI, you can integrate smart household appliances, battery storage and electric cars into your energy management.

EM Trend

EM Trend is a software extension for the Internet Service Gateway (ISG web). To optimize the operation of compatible inverter heat pumps, the EM Meter measures the surpluses of a local PV system. With this information and a weather-based consumption and yield forecast, EM Trend controls your heat pump in such a way that self-consumption is efficiently optimised.

Energy management for well-being

Smart Home – Convenient operation of the heat pump

Discover innovative accessories that make STIEBEL ELTRON products capable of communication and benefit from intelligent energy management. By networking heat pumps, storage technology and other building services, you can significantly increase the proportion of self-generated photovoltaic electricity you use yourself, thereby increasing energy efficiency.

Internet Service Gateway (ISG)

The Internet Service Gateway ISG connects the heat pump to the home network and makes it possible to operate the unit with a browser.

KNX Smart Home

The KNX IP software integrates many functions in one device and thus makes a major contribution to building automation.

Modbus TCP/IP interface

With the Modbus TCP/IP interface for the ISG, you can integrate compatible heating systems into your building automation/control system.

Fulfill your personal wishes

Well-being is a choice

With our extensive range of accessories, you can adjust your thermal comfort to your personal wishes. Regardless of whether you use individual devices or complex systems – with us you get everything from a single source. We have optimally matched all components to each other, which is why you will still be happy about your STIEBEL ELTRON products for many years to come.

WPM System — A New Concept

With the heat pump manager system, a fundamentally new control concept has been created. The extensive functions of the basic module can be extended by an additional module and a remote control. All components are conveniently connected to each other via the system bus. The central part of the system is the heat pump manager, which regulates a wide range of functions with its integrated control panel, such as the cascading of two heat pumps or the control of one direct and two mixed heating circuits.

Targeted control, planned expansion

By expanding the module, a further four heat pumps and two additional mixed heating circuits can be controlled. Each of these five heating circuits can be controlled by a remote control. The components combine functionality, expandability and ease of installation. All modules are characterised by their new, attractive design and significantly improved connectivity of the electrical installation components.

Heat Pump Manager WPM

The WPM heat pump manager is the main controller in the system. The built-in control unit regulates one direct and two mixed heating circuits, and two heat pumps can also be operated in cascade. In combination with the Internet Service Gateway ISG, the heat pump can be integrated into a home network or controlled via mobile devices.

Extension Controller WPE

The WPE heat pump extension adds numerous functions to the WPM heat pump manager. It offers two additional mixed heating circuits, a swimming pool controller and cascade control for a maximum of six heat pumps.

Touch Wheel Remote Control FET

This digital remote control enables convenient input, display and control of cooling and heating mode. The device takes into account the relative humidity, monitors the dew point temperature and thus actively prevents the formation of condensation.


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