Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 125 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 125 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Yakup Bey. Have you sending the Alps to Candar Bey?I did not. Here I am with my 20,000 soldiers. And you imagine Nayman coming with his whole army. We are not thinking, Osman Bey, we are knowing.Candar Bey. I just said to you that he has his agents among you. And you being all here he decided to change. Initially… they invaded your territory from the North. And, the remaining ones… started to pass through Karesi Bey’s territories. If you want to beat the enemy.


So you need to think like that. He understands that Yakup Bey’s entire army is here.And what about you? There is no secret or modification in your schedule. There is your army standing upright like a wall. I can observe that you do not respect the enemy’s power. Do you think you are more intelligent than everyone who is here at this moment? No I believe Nayman’s plan is better than yours. He will not come here with his full force.Enough, Osman Bey. There is no ‘I’ in ‘We’. You are no longer a part of this army.

Episode 125 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed


And yet you cannot speak either. What do you know about us, what are you saying about spies? Our tree does not hold any bad fruit. Nayman is going to bring his entire army. We’ll wait here for him. Yakup Bey, 5000 of your horsemen belong to Candar Bey. And you will definitely deliver another 5000 to Karesi Bey. Otherwise, they will just flatten us. What if he is? Osman Bey is wrong. He wants us to be conquered and dishonored.

He plans to do what the enemy hadn’t; he plans to disperse us. He is preparing to desecrate our heavenly homeland if you don’t carry out my instructions. You are no more with this army. Your words will not apply to the army, which you’re not a member of, Osman. You will burn these lands in spite of your stubbornness. Not stubbornness, Osman Bey. We are certain about our idea.

We will see, we will win. We don’t win with that plan, we just end up destroying ourselves. As their lands of Candar and Karesi burn, there will be no place to escape from the north and the south. He will have his armies around us.Valide Sultan. We must do this or there will be no way back from our loss.Osman Bey, enough. If you don’t want to get in prison during the war, go to your tribe. Leave us alone. My refusing to listen to my words will make you like Pharaoh.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 125 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

But before that Nayman will assemble your heads into a tower. Remember what I just said very carefully. And this concludes my thoughts.Osman Bey. Tell me, are we hearing bad news?My Bey, Orhan Bey.What happened to Orhan? Orhan Bey was the victim of a poisoning, my Bey.What are you saying?Is he okay? He is just fine … but he never can get up from bed, he never can move any part of his body.Orhan, Orhan.Eyvallah.Alps! The work is not done; the work is not done.


There is so much work to do. “Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 125 Urdu Hindi Dubbed” – Has this been covered already? – Some are still there.Help me finish it.Degenerates. Come so I can allow you to meet Cerkutay. – What is going on here? – What are those sounds?Who is inside?I’m coming, wait. Wait, hold on for just a bit. Open the door, see the inside. Come on, break this door down! I’ll open it, pretty please, wait, wait, wait! I will open all doors now. We will open all doors now.


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