Kurulus Osman Season 5 Release Date: What We Know So Far

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Release Date: What We Know So Far


The article discusses the eagerly awaited release date for Season 5 of the popular Turkish series “Kurulus Osman.” After the conclusion of Season 4, fans are eager to know when the next season will begin and if there will be any new cast members.



After the conclusion of a Turkish series, there is typically a minimum three-month gap before the new season starts to allow the cast and crew to rest. This break is especially important as they work continuously for nine months.

During this hiatus, scriptwriters will work on the script for the new season, and casting decisions will be made to fit the storyline. Directors will aim to complete the script for the entire Season 5.

According to Turkish media reports, “Kurulus Osman” Season 5 is expected to start shooting in early to mid-September. The trailer for Season 5 is anticipated to be released in the last week of September, with the first episode airing in the first week of October.

Season 4 was originally planned for 133 episodes but ended at episode 130. Season 5 is therefore more likely to start in October than November, and fans may have to wait for nearly three months.

The article also speculates about the plot of Season 5, suggesting that it will focus on the dominance of the Ottoman Empire. Osman Bey, along with his son Orhan Ghazi, will play a significant role in the growth and strengthening of the empire.

The last scene of Season 4 showed Osman Bey assigning his army to three different forts, raising questions about the future roles of certain characters like Boran Alp, Konur Alp, and Jerkutay Alp in Season 5.

Note: The information provided in this response is based on the article’s content, and it should be noted that plans and release dates for television series can change, so it’s advisable to check official sources for the most up-to-date information.


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